lopez. (lofiordie) wrote,

On The Road: Part I

The drive from Portland to Eureka was not as bad as expected, the winding turns of the costal highway made some of us a little car sick. I chewed sunflower seeds and spit them out at the redwoods as we drove past. The bar we are playing at offers half off food for bands and five pitchers of cheap beer for free. Our waiter is handsome in that weird ginger way. We play with the Monster Women who write quirky, catchy songs. At the end of the night we drink micro brews and smoke nor cal weed in the garage. Somewhere in the distance 45s are playing. I cuddle with a dog named Woo.

We wake up late and spend sometime in downtown Eureka, which looks a lot like the town in the Jaws movies. Courtney from Monster Women owns the only vintage shop in town and it has some really good shit. I am glad none of it fits me because I shouldn't spend the money. We part ways (after a stop at the natural food store) with Eureka and race to the bay. Our Show is early.

San Francisco gets weirder and weirder every time I go back. We arrive at our destination after two hours of city traffic. I forgot what real traffic was like. We walk into the venue and instantly I spot Sam, the guy I fucked who lived with Animal from Bitch and Animal. The guy who spilled his guts out about being on thousands of different psych meds the second time we did it. The guy who got real creepy and called me his boyfriend after the second time we did it. Needless to say, I pretended I didn't see him all night. You know, I don't particularly care of that is shitty.

The show was fun and we sold a lot of records. After, I walked through the mission- took the old route by my old apartment before meeting up with my old roommate for weed cupcakes and mtv. I slept hard and woke up with a pot hangover. All I wanted was more time to hang out in SF, but time was limited. A few minutes in Dolores Park and some ice cream and we had to hit the road. The drive to Reno was brutal.

Reno is about four hours away from the bay but in the traffic it ended up being more like seven. The venue Holland Project HQ is like a house that no one lives in. The artisan coffee shop next to it has great coffee but the barista won't let you put cream in your coffee. Dividers played and they sounded a lot like Pretty Girls Make Graves. After the show we piled into the car and headed out to party in Reno. We end up at The Polo Club. There is a lounge act, gemini, who play top 40 hits. The guy in the group is balding. The lady is attractive in that "i've done a lot of drugs but have managed to at least put make up on and a clean shirt today" kinda way. Wasted, I slept in a bedroom wtih air conditioning.

Southern California adventures... to be continued.


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