lopez. (lofiordie) wrote,

i did mushrooms two weeks ago. i haven't done mushrooms in a very long time.

i sat in the boys apartment (with the other boy and j.) staring at everything in their place that made me feel giddy and gleeful. i stared at r.'s records for nearly an hour tripping on how the plastic and the colors kept swirling back and forth.

my face tingles when i trip and it felt like someone held a vibrator to my face. i could barely control my lips they kept quivering. i cried a lot too- tears of joy only. i hadn't felt that good on drugs in a long long time. it made me remember that at one point- i really really loved doing drugs.

im glad im past most of that now- but i would eat mushrooms once a week if i could.

m. and i have been hanging out with the boys a lot lately and im finding myself liking all three of them more and more and more everyday. whatever this is that is going on- it's good for me, it's good for my relationship w/ m. and it's really making me feel all junior high school again.

tonight im going to see poseidon at the imax. i decided i'd take all three boys with me because right now i couldnt think of anyone better id rather see it with. i watched the original last night on A&E or something. i hope this remake lives up to how much i like the original.

i remember the first time i went to the movieland hollywood wax museum in buena park and we walked through the poseidon adventure exhibit. i remember thinking, "what is this movie and why havent i seen it?" i remember the first time i watched it and how i was so into it. i cant wait to see this new remake tonight and on imax. fuck yes.

things with my band are getting fucking crazy! we are finalizing a lot of our tour plans right now and it looks like it's shaping up to be an exciting two weeks. we are adding a date in san diego maybe- so it looks like we will be playing twice in the homestead. that will fucking rule. once at the che and once at the flame (keep yr fingers crossed). LA is still questionable- the smell hasnt confirmed yet. orange county is set- that show will be fun and im hoping my san diego people will drive up to the OC to see us play- even if they are exhausted on us. i know they love me and would do it for me? hum? hum?

after la we hit bakersfield which will be a fucking riot. fresno is still unsure. sf show is set. portland is nearly set. seattle is nearly set. vancouver is in the works. and our out door renegade show in olympia will happen no matter what.

on top of all that we got offered to open for this by sybris from chicago in june at cafe du nord. cafe du nord is one of those big small venues. it's so exciting to play there again. jn. talked to the booker today and he basically told he we could play there anytime we wanted because 1.) we rock and 2.) we conduct ourselves so professionally and they are so happy about that. fuck yes.

when we get back in august we already have shows lined up in oakland and here in the city with our favorite band barbarasteele @ the elbo room on dollar pbr night. that too will be exciting and fun.

we were talking about recording an ep shortly after we get back. after we've had sometime to rest, recoup, and reorganize. i would be so excited to do that. it would be awesome to have a really great recording.. maybe even a 7"?

my designs are working nicely these days. right now i have orders for a hoodie, three shirts, and a rug. m. and i are planning a launch party in november for our labels. we even talked to r. who said he'd be interested in throwing in his website as part of it. which would be radical. we're looking at having some huge event at like an art gallery with djs, projections, shit for sale and all around fun. i hope we can make it happen.

my life feels like its in overdrive right now and i dont want to slow down. not even a little bit, not even at all.
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