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i went out for drinks on saturday with a bunch of new friends. we sat and talked and laughed and everything was wonderful. we were supposed to go to some louis vutton party but it looked really lame and im glad we didnt. instead we went over to j's house and watched tv, smoked pot, and drank vodka tonics.

m. showed up eventually and more hanging out happened. we left j's house and went back to home base in the TL. im getting so used to being over there, i really do like that place a lot. all the posters on the wall, little figurines everyone, the huge record collection, the uncomfortable small bed.

we stuck around for awhile watching the last few episodes of arrested development which are totally fucking amazing. after cuddling on the couch and drinking more drinks i felt a strange yet familiar feeling in my throat.

that burning, that pain when you swallow...

as it turns out i had another abscess in my throat. that makes three in the past two years. so, long story short i have to go into surgery in a few weeks to get my tonsils taken out. they gave me liquid vicoden to help with the pain and let me just say... it's fucking me up.

i feel so drunk and so wobbly.
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