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i think about the prospect of bodies pilled on top of each other; tangled in a sweaty sea of arms and backs and stomaches and legs. i think about the traffic noises coming in from the window when its four in the morning -OR- the sounds of birds and garbage trucks at five. i think about the way light filters into a room when night transitions to day and how for the past few weeks i've come to be so familiar with that transition. i think about casualness, love, jealousy, friendship, romance, happiness.

i think about the past not setting any kind of precedent for any of this. there is no reference point for it. infact, i'd say it blindsided me totally 100%. i think about months and months ago, going out to some club dressed in my best shirt, best jeans, black cowboy boots and a penciled on mustache. i think about that night cause that's when it really all started, back then. that's when i knew it couldnt go on the way it did for so long- when it was time for things to change and be different.

when it was time to grow up and stop being petty.

i knew it then, but im really great at convincing myself otherwise and spinning situations to totally change my mind.

whatever the case things have changed and are better now. it's time for my lunch break.
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This is one of my favourite lj entries ever.