lopez. (lofiordie) wrote,

west coast tour

dates not so set...

7/22 san diego @ che cafe w/ the afterlife (LA) *confirmed*
7/23 santa ana @ sol art gallery w/ slow (OC!) *almost confirmed*
7/24 los angeles @ the smell w/ the afterlife *cross yr fingers*
7/25 bakersfield @ the boxing ring? or somewhere *pretty much set almost*
7/26 fresno @ don't remember what the place is called *almost confirmed*
7/27 san francisco @ the edinburgh castle w/ little teeth and crime and punishment *confirmed*
7/28 sacramento ... where the fuck are we going to play in sacramento?
7/29 portland ... nothing set yet?
7/30 seattle @ jamie's fucking huge house *confirmed*
7/31 vancouver ... where the fuck are we going to play in vancouver?
8/1?-8/5? olympia who knows at this point...

this is going to be so gnarly. im going to smell so bad by the time we get to fresno.

fuck yeah.
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