lopez. (lofiordie) wrote,

again and again

i fucking did it again. what is it exactly that convinces me to get so wasted the night before i go to work and to stay up until 5 am smoking weed and hanging the fuck out. i am going crazy.

i took the day off of work yesterday to recover from a hard weekend of partying and dealing with a little sickness. c. called me around 4 to ask if i wanted to go see thank you for smoking with him. i met him at his place a few hours later and we hauled ass to the post office to see about getting his taxes mailed off. he missed the post office downtown so we walked to the one in the TL and that one was also closed.

we made our way to the movie theater and got there just in the knick of time. c. and i had awkward arm sex during the movie. thank you for smoking was hilarious and totally worth every penny. i'd even wager to say i'd see it again.

we went back to c.'s house and hung out with r., l., and m. until the wee hours of the night. we played scene it and i lost terribly. at 230ish i went and waited for the bus drunk and stoned out of my mind. it pulled up shortly after i got to my stop but by this time it was totally standing room only- which sucked shit. i made it to my stop quickly and fast enough to go to the late night taco shop before it closed to get drunk food.

i got home and sat on the couch with m. and thought about how i didnt want to go to work today. here i fucking am.

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