lopez. (lofiordie) wrote,

i cannot, i repeat cannot continue to get so drunk that the next day im totally obliterated.

last night was c.'s birthday party in japantown. i like that in the mall there are seriously 500 sticker photo booths. karaoke is not my scene, but seeing some kid karaoke sugar ray was totally good times. then the really fancy jazz bar afterwards where jazz-hammer was playing was not so great.

the craft at three in the morning followed by awkward sleep was wonderful.

my life is turning out to be pretty fucking crazy and exciting.

today at band meeting j. and s. said to me "you know, you look super shitty... hungover and what not." i said "well yeah, all this going out and partying is really taking its toll on me." then they said "sounds like a fag to me, and really deep down inside you're a dyke and you should prolly just come over, drink herbal tea, and sit with us while we stroke each other's hair..."

simple life.
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