lopez. (lofiordie) wrote,

wednesday night my band played at hotel utah.

the opening band was a group called "the revolving door band" and were made up of five old men (probably all in their mid 50's) who played a style of music they dubbed ARO! (that's american rock originals, if you were curious). They were totally a nasty old man bar band... you know the kind that talk inbetween every single song and the kind that totally say who they are, what they play as they solo in the last song. it was pretty much disturbing. other than that, the bass player wore sweatpants up to his stomach with the drawstring out and a white collared shirt to you know, dress it up.

after they played the crowd thinned out a little bit and it was our turn to go on. were not much of a bar band and we haven't really crafted our stage presence so much so it was a "tough act to follow" so to speak.

we played our set and it was pretty alright. the boys sat up in the balcony and i could see all three of their beautiful faces staring down on me as i played. they threw paper airplanes at my as i was setting down my drumkit.

while we were loading our stuff into the van the bass player in the sweatpants and collared shirt came to talk to us and tell us how much he liked our set. he told jess that she was a great bass player and had a really great sense of melody and rhythm. then he said "and your drummer, he reminds me of a young keith moon." dude, WTF!? that's the best compliment EVER.

we packed up and j. and s. took everything back to the space while i stuck around to be the band liason. i walked around the corner with the boys and smoked a bowl in an alley and talked about scooters, bad tattoos, kissing games, and the price is right.

when we got back to the venue the music was too much for me to handle... im not into psychadelic stoner rock or whatever it was. so we sat outisde, smoked cigarettes and sought our own entertaniment.

lazlow played finally and they were incredible. the drummer is such a giant side of beefcake... all big and muscley and sweaty. total beefcake. the guitar player also has the sweetest face i think ive ever seen. they are also both like 9 feet tall. which is cool if that's your bag or whatever.

we parted ways with the boys and drove home in the toaster. m. passed out on me half way into the long ride home. (we went the wrong way).

i crawled into bed after a shower so sore from lifting things and the night before. i was excited about a long hard night of sleep. i slept until 3 the next day.

i watched yesterday go by slowly; prayed that today wouldn't come. but now it's here and im at work again. but will be leaving early today i think...

things are crazy. when does the fun ever stop?
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