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Monday, August 13th, 2012
12:20 am
you could be my silver springs, my blue green colors flashing.

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Monday, July 4th, 2011
3:32 pm
On The Road: Part I

The drive from Portland to Eureka was not as bad as expected, the winding turns of the costal highway made some of us a little car sick. I chewed sunflower seeds and spit them out at the redwoods as we drove past. The bar we are playing at offers half off food for bands and five pitchers of cheap beer for free. Our waiter is handsome in that weird ginger way. We play with the Monster Women who write quirky, catchy songs. At the end of the night we drink micro brews and smoke nor cal weed in the garage. Somewhere in the distance 45s are playing. I cuddle with a dog named Woo.

We wake up late and spend sometime in downtown Eureka, which looks a lot like the town in the Jaws movies. Courtney from Monster Women owns the only vintage shop in town and it has some really good shit. I am glad none of it fits me because I shouldn't spend the money. We part ways (after a stop at the natural food store) with Eureka and race to the bay. Our Show is early.

San Francisco gets weirder and weirder every time I go back. We arrive at our destination after two hours of city traffic. I forgot what real traffic was like. We walk into the venue and instantly I spot Sam, the guy I fucked who lived with Animal from Bitch and Animal. The guy who spilled his guts out about being on thousands of different psych meds the second time we did it. The guy who got real creepy and called me his boyfriend after the second time we did it. Needless to say, I pretended I didn't see him all night. You know, I don't particularly care of that is shitty.

The show was fun and we sold a lot of records. After, I walked through the mission- took the old route by my old apartment before meeting up with my old roommate for weed cupcakes and mtv. I slept hard and woke up with a pot hangover. All I wanted was more time to hang out in SF, but time was limited. A few minutes in Dolores Park and some ice cream and we had to hit the road. The drive to Reno was brutal.

Reno is about four hours away from the bay but in the traffic it ended up being more like seven. The venue Holland Project HQ is like a house that no one lives in. The artisan coffee shop next to it has great coffee but the barista won't let you put cream in your coffee. Dividers played and they sounded a lot like Pretty Girls Make Graves. After the show we piled into the car and headed out to party in Reno. We end up at The Polo Club. There is a lounge act, gemini, who play top 40 hits. The guy in the group is balding. The lady is attractive in that "i've done a lot of drugs but have managed to at least put make up on and a clean shirt today" kinda way. Wasted, I slept in a bedroom wtih air conditioning.

Southern California adventures... to be continued.



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Tuesday, July 28th, 2009
1:33 pm
but before you go i gotta ask you dear about the tan line on your ring finger...

this is just how it is going to be.



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Tuesday, April 28th, 2009
2:53 pm
dear livejournal,

i love you and will always stick by you and will continue to post in you- i mean shit it's been like eight years. i kinda have to.

but for the less dramatic and less "real" visit me here:




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Wednesday, October 8th, 2008
2:10 pm
i'm leaving tomorrow morning for a month on tour. if you are in san francisco you should come to my goodbye show tonight...

and if you are in and or around any of the following cities you should come see us on tour with shannon and the clams...

10/8 San Francisco @ Thee Parkside w/ NoBunny, Ronni, DJ Dan Shaw
10/9 Los Angeles @ The Breakfast Club w/ Bobb Bruno
10/10 Bakersfield @ The Mint w/ X/X Girls
10/11 San Diego @ The Treehouse w/ TrashcanFires, The Sess
10/12 Phoenix @ Hollywood Alley w/ Rebel Set, Video Nasties
10/13 Santa Fe @ Backroads Pizza
10/14 Denver @ Old Curtis St Bar w/ Psuedo Dates
10/15 Lawrence @ 8th St Tap Room w/ Wrong Crowd
10/16 St Louis @ The Way Out w/ Wrong Crowd
10/17 Lousiville @ 6th and Oak w/ Woman Of Color
10/18 Columbus @ Monster House w/ Cars Can Be Blue
10/19 Red Lion / York @ RLH Guitars w/ TBA
10/20 Brooklyn @ Death By Audio w/ Love or Perish, Thrust Lab
10/22 Brooklyn @ Spike Hill CMJ Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records Show Case w/ Great Lakes, The Smittens, The Lolligags, Cars Can Be Blue, Bearsuit
10/23 Philadelphia @ 22nd & Passyunk across from Good Will w/ Used Kids, Mr Radar, Dr Scientist
10/24 New Jersey @ The Parlour w/ The Jurks, TBA
10/26 Cleveland @ The Matinee w/ The Dimeras
10/27 Lafayette @ Zooleggers w/ The Sweet Sixteens
10/28 Chicago -- CHIC-A-GO-GO Taping
10/28 Chicago @ Ronny's w/ Action Finger and more TBA
10/29 TBA
10/30Milwaukee @ Frank's Powerplant w/ Crappy Dracula
10/31 St Paul/MPLS @ Ben's House w/ Les Deux Maggots and more SUPER FUN HALLOWEEN PARTY!!!!!
11/4 Seattle @ The Funhouse w/ TACOCAT
11/6 Vancouver @ The Sweatshop w/ Nu Sensae, Channels 3x4
11/7 Portland @ Marlena and Ashley's House w/ The Brabes, The Caldonias, Magic Johnson
11/8 Portland @ Slabtown w/ TBA
11/9 San Francisco @ The Hemlock w/ Schwule welcome home show

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Thursday, August 28th, 2008
7:40 pm
do you live in any of these cities or know someone who does and want to help book my bands fall tour!?!?! i'll love you forever.

Forever and Shannon and the Clams Fall Tour!

October 9 San Francisco (i think we got this one)
October 10 Los Angeles CA
October 11 San Diego CA
October 12 Tucson AZ
October 13 ABQ NM
October 14 Denver CO
October 15 Wichita KS or Omaha NE
October 16 St Louis MO (we might have something but if you know bands that would rule_
October 17 Louisville KY (show booked already)
October 18 Columbus OH
October 19 Pittsburgh PA (why is it so hard to get a show in a place i used to live!)
October 20 Brooklyn NY (show booked already)
October 21-25 various locales no need for help here
October 26 Cleveland OH (show booked already)
October 27 Lafayette IN (show booked already)
October 28 Chicago IL
October 29 Milwaukee WI
October 30 Madison WI
October 31 Minneapolis MN (something in the works i think...)
November 1 Pierre SD (something in the works i think)
November 3 Missoula MT
November 4 Seattle WA (no need here)
November 7 Portland OR (no need here)

Help is gladly repaid in a free cd or something.



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Friday, June 23rd, 2006
5:20 pm
so stoned.

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Friday, May 26th, 2006
5:00 pm
if i will it strongly enough it will happen.

go home. go home. go home. go home. go home.

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Thursday, May 25th, 2006
3:35 pm
i applied for a new job.

i have to quit my current job bc i hate it.

i hope i get this new job.

i hope they let me go to nyc and on tour.

if not, im seriously fucked

dont put the cart before the horses

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Friday, May 12th, 2006
5:57 pm
i did mushrooms two weeks ago. i haven't done mushrooms in a very long time.

i sat in the boys apartment (with the other boy and j.) staring at everything in their place that made me feel giddy and gleeful. i stared at r.'s records for nearly an hour tripping on how the plastic and the colors kept swirling back and forth.

my face tingles when i trip and it felt like someone held a vibrator to my face. i could barely control my lips they kept quivering. i cried a lot too- tears of joy only. i hadn't felt that good on drugs in a long long time. it made me remember that at one point- i really really loved doing drugs.

im glad im past most of that now- but i would eat mushrooms once a week if i could.

m. and i have been hanging out with the boys a lot lately and im finding myself liking all three of them more and more and more everyday. whatever this is that is going on- it's good for me, it's good for my relationship w/ m. and it's really making me feel all junior high school again.

tonight im going to see poseidon at the imax. i decided i'd take all three boys with me because right now i couldnt think of anyone better id rather see it with. i watched the original last night on A&E or something. i hope this remake lives up to how much i like the original.

i remember the first time i went to the movieland hollywood wax museum in buena park and we walked through the poseidon adventure exhibit. i remember thinking, "what is this movie and why havent i seen it?" i remember the first time i watched it and how i was so into it. i cant wait to see this new remake tonight and on imax. fuck yes.

things with my band are getting fucking crazy! we are finalizing a lot of our tour plans right now and it looks like it's shaping up to be an exciting two weeks. we are adding a date in san diego maybe- so it looks like we will be playing twice in the homestead. that will fucking rule. once at the che and once at the flame (keep yr fingers crossed). LA is still questionable- the smell hasnt confirmed yet. orange county is set- that show will be fun and im hoping my san diego people will drive up to the OC to see us play- even if they are exhausted on us. i know they love me and would do it for me? hum? hum?

after la we hit bakersfield which will be a fucking riot. fresno is still unsure. sf show is set. portland is nearly set. seattle is nearly set. vancouver is in the works. and our out door renegade show in olympia will happen no matter what.

on top of all that we got offered to open for this by sybris from chicago in june at cafe du nord. cafe du nord is one of those big small venues. it's so exciting to play there again. jn. talked to the booker today and he basically told he we could play there anytime we wanted because 1.) we rock and 2.) we conduct ourselves so professionally and they are so happy about that. fuck yes.

when we get back in august we already have shows lined up in oakland and here in the city with our favorite band barbarasteele @ the elbo room on dollar pbr night. that too will be exciting and fun.

we were talking about recording an ep shortly after we get back. after we've had sometime to rest, recoup, and reorganize. i would be so excited to do that. it would be awesome to have a really great recording.. maybe even a 7"?

my designs are working nicely these days. right now i have orders for a hoodie, three shirts, and a rug. m. and i are planning a launch party in november for our labels. we even talked to r. who said he'd be interested in throwing in his website as part of it. which would be radical. we're looking at having some huge event at like an art gallery with djs, projections, shit for sale and all around fun. i hope we can make it happen.

my life feels like its in overdrive right now and i dont want to slow down. not even a little bit, not even at all.

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Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006
3:12 pm
tuesday tuesday.

i have a short work week, the shortest ever maybe. but it always feels like it just drags on and on and on. so shitty. i hate this job and i hate this desk and this window and this carpet. i hate the keys to every single fucking door. i hate the bathrooms. i hate everything.

i've been saying it for so long- but im starting to really accept the fact that i need a new job and need to leave this one behind me. problem, its pretty neccessary that i get paid the same amount or more to continue to live... i've got lots of bills, lots this, lots of that. i haven't been looking too much but there's just nothing really right now.

i wish i had better connections. i wish someone would say "come work for my job..." or "they are hiring at blah blah blah and i know someone" or i donno anything.

at this point im contemplating quitting, getting a job as a bike mechanic and a part time job slinging coffee. that being said, i'd be happy for a new desk job... something cozy and comfortable where all i have to do is answer phones, write emails, make copies and send out the mail.

i would hire me.

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Monday, May 1st, 2006
5:43 pm - reconstruction
time to rebuild burnt bridges. the sun is shining and the traffic coming off the freeway exit outside my office window has been steady all day long.

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12:03 pm - the otherside
back at work. already hate it. 300 emails to go through and sort out the junk and the real ones- i'd imagine there are probably like 30 i actually have to read and maybe 15 i have to actually respond to.

9 phone messages.

2 notes on my desk.

my surgery was/is scheduled for wednesday- i have to call the doctor to see if they can push it back a little bit. im not physically or mentally ready for that. and i have a show no thursday. no thanks not missing that one.

i dont have anything interesting or exciting to say.

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Monday, April 24th, 2006
7:32 pm - destroyer
i went out for drinks on saturday with a bunch of new friends. we sat and talked and laughed and everything was wonderful. we were supposed to go to some louis vutton party but it looked really lame and im glad we didnt. instead we went over to j's house and watched tv, smoked pot, and drank vodka tonics.

m. showed up eventually and more hanging out happened. we left j's house and went back to home base in the TL. im getting so used to being over there, i really do like that place a lot. all the posters on the wall, little figurines everyone, the huge record collection, the uncomfortable small bed.

we stuck around for awhile watching the last few episodes of arrested development which are totally fucking amazing. after cuddling on the couch and drinking more drinks i felt a strange yet familiar feeling in my throat.

that burning, that pain when you swallow...

as it turns out i had another abscess in my throat. that makes three in the past two years. so, long story short i have to go into surgery in a few weeks to get my tonsils taken out. they gave me liquid vicoden to help with the pain and let me just say... it's fucking me up.

i feel so drunk and so wobbly.

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Friday, April 21st, 2006
12:33 pm - deep dent
i think about the prospect of bodies pilled on top of each other; tangled in a sweaty sea of arms and backs and stomaches and legs. i think about the traffic noises coming in from the window when its four in the morning -OR- the sounds of birds and garbage trucks at five. i think about the way light filters into a room when night transitions to day and how for the past few weeks i've come to be so familiar with that transition. i think about casualness, love, jealousy, friendship, romance, happiness.

i think about the past not setting any kind of precedent for any of this. there is no reference point for it. infact, i'd say it blindsided me totally 100%. i think about months and months ago, going out to some club dressed in my best shirt, best jeans, black cowboy boots and a penciled on mustache. i think about that night cause that's when it really all started, back then. that's when i knew it couldnt go on the way it did for so long- when it was time for things to change and be different.

when it was time to grow up and stop being petty.

i knew it then, but im really great at convincing myself otherwise and spinning situations to totally change my mind.

whatever the case things have changed and are better now. it's time for my lunch break.

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Tuesday, April 18th, 2006
2:48 pm - west coast tour
dates not so set...

7/22 san diego @ che cafe w/ the afterlife (LA) *confirmed*
7/23 santa ana @ sol art gallery w/ slow (OC!) *almost confirmed*
7/24 los angeles @ the smell w/ the afterlife *cross yr fingers*
7/25 bakersfield @ the boxing ring? or somewhere *pretty much set almost*
7/26 fresno @ don't remember what the place is called *almost confirmed*
7/27 san francisco @ the edinburgh castle w/ little teeth and crime and punishment *confirmed*
7/28 sacramento ... where the fuck are we going to play in sacramento?
7/29 portland ... nothing set yet?
7/30 seattle @ jamie's fucking huge house *confirmed*
7/31 vancouver ... where the fuck are we going to play in vancouver?
8/1?-8/5? olympia who knows at this point...

this is going to be so gnarly. im going to smell so bad by the time we get to fresno.

fuck yeah.

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11:33 am - again and again
i fucking did it again. what is it exactly that convinces me to get so wasted the night before i go to work and to stay up until 5 am smoking weed and hanging the fuck out. i am going crazy.

i took the day off of work yesterday to recover from a hard weekend of partying and dealing with a little sickness. c. called me around 4 to ask if i wanted to go see thank you for smoking with him. i met him at his place a few hours later and we hauled ass to the post office to see about getting his taxes mailed off. he missed the post office downtown so we walked to the one in the TL and that one was also closed.

we made our way to the movie theater and got there just in the knick of time. c. and i had awkward arm sex during the movie. thank you for smoking was hilarious and totally worth every penny. i'd even wager to say i'd see it again.

we went back to c.'s house and hung out with r., l., and m. until the wee hours of the night. we played scene it and i lost terribly. at 230ish i went and waited for the bus drunk and stoned out of my mind. it pulled up shortly after i got to my stop but by this time it was totally standing room only- which sucked shit. i made it to my stop quickly and fast enough to go to the late night taco shop before it closed to get drunk food.

i got home and sat on the couch with m. and thought about how i didnt want to go to work today. here i fucking am.


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Sunday, April 16th, 2006
7:24 pm
i cannot, i repeat cannot continue to get so drunk that the next day im totally obliterated.

last night was c.'s birthday party in japantown. i like that in the mall there are seriously 500 sticker photo booths. karaoke is not my scene, but seeing some kid karaoke sugar ray was totally good times. then the really fancy jazz bar afterwards where jazz-hammer was playing was not so great.

the craft at three in the morning followed by awkward sleep was wonderful.

my life is turning out to be pretty fucking crazy and exciting.

today at band meeting j. and s. said to me "you know, you look super shitty... hungover and what not." i said "well yeah, all this going out and partying is really taking its toll on me." then they said "sounds like a fag to me, and really deep down inside you're a dyke and you should prolly just come over, drink herbal tea, and sit with us while we stroke each other's hair..."

simple life.

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Friday, April 14th, 2006
2:16 pm
wednesday night my band played at hotel utah.

the opening band was a group called "the revolving door band" and were made up of five old men (probably all in their mid 50's) who played a style of music they dubbed ARO! (that's american rock originals, if you were curious). They were totally a nasty old man bar band... you know the kind that talk inbetween every single song and the kind that totally say who they are, what they play as they solo in the last song. it was pretty much disturbing. other than that, the bass player wore sweatpants up to his stomach with the drawstring out and a white collared shirt to you know, dress it up.

after they played the crowd thinned out a little bit and it was our turn to go on. were not much of a bar band and we haven't really crafted our stage presence so much so it was a "tough act to follow" so to speak.

we played our set and it was pretty alright. the boys sat up in the balcony and i could see all three of their beautiful faces staring down on me as i played. they threw paper airplanes at my as i was setting down my drumkit.

while we were loading our stuff into the van the bass player in the sweatpants and collared shirt came to talk to us and tell us how much he liked our set. he told jess that she was a great bass player and had a really great sense of melody and rhythm. then he said "and your drummer, he reminds me of a young keith moon." dude, WTF!? that's the best compliment EVER.

we packed up and j. and s. took everything back to the space while i stuck around to be the band liason. i walked around the corner with the boys and smoked a bowl in an alley and talked about scooters, bad tattoos, kissing games, and the price is right.

when we got back to the venue the music was too much for me to handle... im not into psychadelic stoner rock or whatever it was. so we sat outisde, smoked cigarettes and sought our own entertaniment.

lazlow played finally and they were incredible. the drummer is such a giant side of beefcake... all big and muscley and sweaty. total beefcake. the guitar player also has the sweetest face i think ive ever seen. they are also both like 9 feet tall. which is cool if that's your bag or whatever.

we parted ways with the boys and drove home in the toaster. m. passed out on me half way into the long ride home. (we went the wrong way).

i crawled into bed after a shower so sore from lifting things and the night before. i was excited about a long hard night of sleep. i slept until 3 the next day.

i watched yesterday go by slowly; prayed that today wouldn't come. but now it's here and im at work again. but will be leaving early today i think...

things are crazy. when does the fun ever stop?

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Thursday, April 13th, 2006
4:06 pm
let's call that last post... "fiction"

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